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The Orange Army. (Brisbane Roar Official Thread)

By Roar in me Blood - 4 Jul 2020 9:23 AM

Waz - 4 Jul 2020 8:45 AM
clockwork orange - 4 Jul 2020 7:39 AM

At the moment Roar men are staying at Logan so your predicament still exists. 

I also disagree that any side has to represent part of Brisbane and not the whole of Brisbane mind you. 

It’s entirely acceptable for a side to represent a geographic segment of Brisbane if that’s who they are, equally it’s acceptable for a side to represent the entire city irrespective of where they’re based, play or train. 

I don’t see Liverpool being geographically divided with certain post codes supposed to support red and the other blue and the same in Manchester, whether you support city or United is not based on proximity to stadium or training ground. 

It’s an unusually Australian thing, probably an outcome of the franchise models multiple codes run, to think that location means much - that sort of thinking is an inhibitor to proper football culture, as if allegiance is determined by your post code. It isn’t, and it shouldn’t be. 

If you start local and follow your team up the football pyramid, you can end up with post code determining most of your team's following - as it should be. "Our team" means something in that context.

Without P/R (yes, that again) it is a different kettle of fish at the top level for our teams - since teams just appear there without any following growing out of their own roots.

Brisbane Roar to me has no postcode base location for 'local' support - just the generic Brisbane/Queensland plus anyone else who wants to follow the best team in the league.
By zimbos_05 - 26 Jul 2011 9:46 AM

Full name:    Brisbane Roar Football Club

Nickname(s):   The Roar, Roar-celona [1]
Founded:   1957, as Hollandia Inala Soccer Club
Ground:   Suncorp Stadium
(Capacity: 52,500)
Chairman: Dali Tahir
Managing Director: What's that?
Manager: John "The Messiah" Aloisi
League:   A-League



2010-11 - A-league Premiers Plate
2010-11 - A-league Grand Final Winners
2011-12 - A-league Grand Final Winners
2013-14 - A-League Premiers Plate
2013-14 - A-League Grand Final Winners


2008-09 - Premiers Plate Winners
2008-09 - Grand Final Winners
2009 - Grand Final Runners Up
2010-11 - Premiers Plate Runners up
2010-11 - Grand Final Winners
2011-12 - Premiers Plate Runners Up
2011-12 - Grand Final Runners Up
2012-13 - W-League Premiers
2013-14 - Grand Final Runners UP


2011 - Grand Final Runners Up

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