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The Orange Army. (Brisbane Roar Official Thread)

By zimbos_05 - 26 Jul 2011 9:46 AM

Full name:    Brisbane Roar Football Club

Nickname(s):   The Roar, Roar-celona [1]
Founded:   1957, as Hollandia Inala Soccer Club
Ground:   Suncorp Stadium
(Capacity: 52,500)
Chairman: Dali Tahir
Managing Director: What's that?
Manager: John "The Messiah" Aloisi
League:   A-League



2010-11 - A-league Premiers Plate
2010-11 - A-league Grand Final Winners
2011-12 - A-league Grand Final Winners
2013-14 - A-League Premiers Plate
2013-14 - A-League Grand Final Winners


2008-09 - Premiers Plate Winners
2008-09 - Grand Final Winners
2009 - Grand Final Runners Up
2010-11 - Premiers Plate Runners up
2010-11 - Grand Final Winners
2011-12 - Premiers Plate Runners Up
2011-12 - Grand Final Runners Up
2012-13 - W-League Premiers
2013-14 - Grand Final Runners UP


2011 - Grand Final Runners Up

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By Waz - 9 Apr 2020 9:29 AM

Jimo8 - 9 Apr 2020 8:00 AM
I can see the GST going to 15% in post covid, as it is in NZ, to pay for all the handouts.
liberals have been wanting to do it for some time and now they can justify it on the back of the handouts. 

Not sure why this comment is in the Roar thread but hey .....

Everything has to be paid for plus a cash reserve built up for future instances because this will happen again. 

How they will do it will be interesting - the smart people will recognise that everything has changed and there’s no “going back” to the way it was. 

Death Duties, End to franking credits, increased taxes for the wealthy, taxing of companies that avoid tax by sending profits off shore, Taxing multiple property owners more, and yes GST increases are all options. 

And out of all of this they’ll find $60m for Roars refurbished stadium ..... there, back on Roar 😁