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The Television Thread. Whats on? FTA & Pay TV

By leftrightout - 28 Oct 2011 10:23 AM

There used to be a television thread and one of the reasons I campaigned for an index thread is because I couldn't find it and neither could anybody else I suppose.

Anyway - here are some shows that I'm really diggin atm. I dont have fox so I'm not sure if it's already aired to paytv...

The Inbetweeners - fucking hilarious British 'american pie' style comedy and advertised on FFT. Already in season 3 in Britain and showing it on channel 11 here. I think I might bypass TV and DL the series.

American Pickers - I find addictive, those guys love their motorcycles and bikes and make some serious dough.

New season of House just shows that his character is still as frustrating as ever.

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By LFC. - 20 Jun 2022 4:16 PM

started watching the Moodys on netflix.
Some classic aussie stuff.