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US College Scholarships

By Decentric - 10 Feb 2012 1:39 PM

Before a relative embarked on a US College football sports scholarship, a friend who works as a senior academic stated that the subjects studied would extrapolate to Aussie universities.

Even though there were concerns about the academic quality of the specific institution compared to Australia, the subjects studied will be credited towards an Arts/Law degree at an Aussie tertiary institution.

It is certainly a bonus. On balance NSR scholarships may have benefits.

All four US football scholarship recipients from this state, in a two year period, are now back in Australia, probably for different reasons.

One disadvantage though is training at a very amateurish level in football compared to a US college when returning. That is even if the style in the US was often very physical and direct.

It would be interesting to hear Silvergale's views on this.

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