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Coaching courses and badges.

By Draupnir - 17 May 2012 12:16 PM

Hi everyone. From the response the topic about FFA coaching badges received it has become obvious that there is a lack of information and/or the ability to attain such information about coaching courses and badges. A lot of the comments were in response to the prices of the FFA courses and the general curiosity about doing badges in other local, interstate and/or international locations.

My hope for this thread is that we can pile together all and any information we know or we find about these courses, just to make a general resource for anybody to come and have a look at. If you are curious about anything that is not on this page, please request it as I'd be more than happy to find out for you.

All said and done - I hope this can help whoever is looking for the help and information. Good luck on your coaching journey!


The list is beginning to become quite long, which is great. It has the drawback of making things a little more difficult to find though. If you are curious about the situation in a specific country's federation, I suggest searching this page for the abbreviation of the country's federation name. So for instance, if you want to quickly find out about courses that are held in Sweden, you should search for SvFF.


As many of the sites and information listed below will be in a language other than English, I recommend using either Google Translate to translate any of the information you are looking for, or to make life easier, download Google Chrome Browser to help you out as it has a built in translator for most of the world's major languages.

I realise that most of the people that read this either only speak English, or speak English as their native language. To make it easier to find federations that offer courses in English on this page, simply search this page for (En), brackets included. Each federation that offers courses in English will have this mark next to it.

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By nffc2 - 31 May 2016 9:24 AM

The closest capital to me is Brisbane and the B licence starts in late January each year and I work in a College so the timing is rotten. All staff are back the same week as the first 6 days of the course but you are absolutely correct that it is a much cheaper option.