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These forums are provided for the enjoyment of football fans and to encourage discussion to help develop and promote the sport in Australia. All comers, who contribute with constructive comments, are welcome. Team and club allegiances are similarly welcome, but unnecessary flaming to incite arguments are not! Football is something to enjoy and when played beautifully… behold.

No form of discrimination is allowed on these forums. That means Racism, Sexism, Bigotry, et al.

Any kind of threatening of another user, be it with physical violence, or any other kind of threat, is explicitly forbidden.

Swearing, although not completely banned, is frowned upon. Use it sparingly, and remember that this is a family forum, open to people of all ages. There is to be no swearing within a thread's title.

Inappropriate Material
There is to be no posting of material inappropriate to users under the age of 18. Depictions of violence, gore, sex, nudity etc. will be edited or deleted, and further sanctions may be imposed on the poster

No posting of links to live online streams of matches or other presentations that do not pertain to and abide by the relevant Australian broadcaster's copyrights. This includes providing instructions, names of websites, and/or initiating other users to contact you via the Private Messaging service.

False Information

No posting inaccurate or false posts about, forum users, people, clubs, teams and/or supporters. Credit your source if posting or commenting on news.

Insults/Personal Attacks.
No personal attacks on fellow forum users and/or moderators. Criticise the idea, not the person.

Duplicate Accounts
Do not create multiple accounts to impersonate or insult other forum users, or any real person. Obtaining and using another persons account details is also unacceptable.

Posts with the sole intention of advertising a product/website/service will be deleted and Accounts created solely for spamming will also be deleted. Quote Pyramids and Stretching of the Page is considered Spam, and will be edited accordingly.

While we recognise the cultural diversity of football fans in Australia, all posting on this platform is to be made in English, so as to be inclusive of as many readers as possible.

Forum Atmosphere
These forums are an enjoyable place, for any footballing fan to meet and discuss whatever they desire. When posting, keep in mind not only your own experience on the forums, but that of everyone else as well. People found to be continually harming the forum atmosphere, or ruining other people's experience on the forums, will be dealt with as need be.

Any users found to be in breach of these rules will be punished accordingly. Repeat offenders will result in larger and larger punishments, until permanent action is deemed necessary.

You acknowledge that all posts made express your views and opinions and not the moderators or owners of this site and hence will not be held liable.

Nextmedia reserves the right to reproduce any comments or posts submitted here in other print and electronic media.

Posts and/or Forumers not following the above rules, will be dealt with at the discretion of the moderating team. If you see a post that you find inappropriate or against the rules, contact the Moderators immediately. Decisions made by the moderating team are final, and ignoring their decision will result in further punishment.

The Moderating Team

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