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NPL- Queensland Conference

By KenGooner_GCU - 23 Jan 2013 11:41 AM

I volunteered, El Toro hahaha

Post in this if you want to talk about the new state league or Queensland football in general.

Palmy are up against the Malaysian U23's on Straya day and have heard that fixtures will be out very soon, I'll post my thoughts on the match if I can be arsed to turn up.

Brisbane City
Brisbane Strikers
Central Queensland
FNQ Football (this is a fed page can't find the club's fb page)
Moreton Bay United
Northern Fury (Page)
Northern Fury (Profile, added because it has 1800 friends)
Palm Beach
Redlands United (it's an open group)
Sunshine Coast
Western Pride

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By Brenton1986 - 13 Jan 2020 11:07 PM

NPL QLD preseason transfer update – as of Tuesday January 14th,

Lions FC,

Jordan Farina - Eastern Suburbs
Zac Maltby - Brisbane Strikers

Keegan Jelacic - Brisbane Roar Youth
Rhys Webster - Western Pride
Marek Madle - Peninsula Power
Jheison Macuace - Gold Coast Knights

Gold Coast Knights,

Dean Briggs - Peninsula Power
Paul O'Brien - Heidelberg United
Jheison Macuace - Lions FC

Sam Smith - Gold Coast United
Euan Thum-Davidson - Gold Coast United
Josh Langdon - Perth Glory Youth
Cai Tipaldo - Brisbane Roar Youth
Oskar Dillon - Western United
Shannon Brady - Brisbane City

Peninsula Power,

Cameron Crestani - Western Pride
Marek Madle - Lions FC
Hayden Mchenery - Brisbane City

Alexander Warrilow - Capalaba FC
Matt Heath - Moreton Bay United
Dean Briggs - Gold Coast Knights
Alex Sargent - Western Pride
Ramone Close - Retired

Olympic FC,

Daniel Leck - Pascoe Vale
Tom Aulton - South Melbourne
Tyson Martin - Brisbane Roar Youth
Frederick Yinka-Kehinde - Holland Park Hawks
Lachlan Hunter - Olympic FC
Nicholas Mooney - Logan Lightning

Franco Aceto - Western Pride
Alex Smith - Retired
Chris Lucas - Dandenong City
Youeil Shol - Eastern Suburbs
Noah Humphries - Mitchelton FC
Dayan Baker - Mitchelton FC

Brisbane Strikers,

Emilio Martinez - Brisbane Roar
Oliver Smith - Edgeworth Eagles
Luke Lister - SWQ Thunder

Andy Pengelly - Home United (Singapore)
Zac Maltby - Lions FC
Dongyoo Kim - Mitchelton FC
Tomi Mersaric - Unknown
Josh Matcham - Unknown
Danilo Kovacevic - Brisbane Roar Youth
Aiden Bender - Brisbane Roar Youth

Brisbane City

Chris Parsons - Ipswich Knights
Sam Sibatuara - Dandenong City
Steven Snaith - Guisborough Town (England)
Shannon Brady - Gold Coast Knights
Aaron Mindon - Murray United (NPL2 East VIC)

Marquez Walters - Brisbane Roar Youth
Jackson Simpkin - Brisbane Roar Youth
Oliver Duncan - Sunshine Coast Wanderers
Jake Clancy - Mitchelton FC
Hayden McHenery - Peninsula Power
Sebastian Kaye - Mitchelton FC
Jaiden Nightingale - Mitchelton FC
Rhys Raymond - Mitchelton FC

Gold Coast United,

Sam Smith - Gold Coast Knights
Euan Thum-Davidson - Gold Coast Knights
Jamie Vesey - Logan Lightning
Shane Smeltz - Free Agent
Aniss Langhai - Gold Coast Knights

Tyler Wagstaffe - Logan Lightning
Conor Smith - Logan Lightning
Brandon Lemay - Logan Lightning
Dean Wernerson - Logan Lightning
David Barker - Sunshine Coast FC
Tom Miller - Unknown
Jackson Boyd - Palm Beach SC (GCPL)
Jarrab Pfefferkorn - Unknown

Brisbane Roar Youth,

Jackson Simpkin - Brisbane City
Keegan Jelacic - Lions FC
Eli Adams - SWQ Thunder
Marquez Walters - Brisbane City
Cai Tipaldo - Gold Coast Knights
Danilo Kovacevic - Brisbane Strikers
Aiden Bender - Brisbane Strikers

Tyson Martin - Olympic FC
Lachlan Hunter - Olympic FC
Emilio Martinez - Brisbane Strikers

Eastern Suburbs,

Matthew Cappello - Moreton Bay United
Youeil Shol - Olympic
Delors Tuyishime - Moreton Bay United

Jordan Farina - Lions FC
Scott Fulton - Rochedale Rovers
Luke Leggett - Mitchelton FC
Sam Long - Unknown (Not playing?)
Koh Satake - Unknown (Not playing?)
Matt Byrne - Unknown (Not playing?)
Jayden Balarezo - Northcote City

Moreton Bay United,

James Harkin - Free Agent
Sean Lewis - Albany Creek
Stephen Green - Logan Lightning
Matt Heath - Peninsula Power
Emryn Donnelly-Fagan - Mitchelton
Lachlan Strogusz - Sunshine Coast Wanderers
Carter Glockner - Mitchelton

Matthew Cappello - Eastern Suburbs
Delors Tuyishime - Eastern Suburbs
Liam Cosgrove - Unknown
Ali Gholami - Unknown
Chris Couesnon - Unknown
Jamie Dimitrof - Unknown
Kres Bek - Unknown
Simon Biel - Unknown

Redlands United,

Rory Smith - Ramsgate FC (UK)
Max Davidson - Western Pride
Kelton Scriggins - Western Pride
Gabriel Hawash - Western Pride
Kimba Kimbombo - SWQ Thunder

Igor Sao Jose - AC Carina
Jack Richardson - Unknown
Raphael Ngoyi - Unknown
Alex Hastings - Unknown
Mikhail Hastings - Unknown

Magpies Crusaders United,

Jordy Vleugels - PO Xylotymbou (Cyprus)
Dylan D’Agostino - Western Strikers
Mitchell Maher - MA Olympic FC
Masi Benjamin - Townsville Warriors FC
Clancy Robinson - Mackay Wanderers
Thomas Prosser - The Cove FC
Craig Shearer - Cumberland United
Ezra Kennell - Magpies Crusaders United
Daniel Goni - Mt Druitt Town Rangers
Jaiden Brown - Free Agent

Matt Haspells - Western Pride
Mitch Hermann - Ipswich Knights

Sunshine Coast Wanderers,

Jyi Oakes - Brisbane Roar Youth
Eze Hawkins - Brisbane Roar Youth
Slayde Stokes - Moreton Bay United
Jayden Emery - Caloundra FC
Oliver Duncan - Brisbane City
Michael Harth - Sunshine Coast FC
Matt Holley - Sunshine Coast FC
Will Brown - Sunshine Coast FC
Nick Harvey - Beerwah Glasshouse FC
Tyler Morse - Sunshine Coast FC
Harrison Bowen - Sunshine Coast FC
Nicholas Taylor - Unknown

James Enticknap - Maroochydore FC
Nick Arden - Maroochydore FC
Karl Vonhoff - Maroochydore FC
Lachlan Strogusz - Moreton Bay United
Michael Scarff - Retired
Josh Forshey - Caloundra FC

Capalaba FC,

Alexander Warrilow - Peninsula Power
Sam Langley - Logan Lightning
Hyunggyu Yoo   Albany Creek

Nathan Yoon - Western Pride
Oliver Kazzi - Caloundra FC