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2016 FFA State Conferences

By Decentric - 27 Jan 2016 10:36 AM

Presenters including:

Eric Abrams (FFA National Technical Director)

Sean Douglas (National Coach Education Manager)

Plus National Team Staff

Conference topics to include:

Review of FIFA World Cup 2014 & 2015 Asian Cup – Lessons learned

Keynote speech by a member of the National Teams staff

Update on MF operations”

Above is the outline of this year's state conference with FFA.

I'm going this Saturday. Has anyone else attended one yet?

I'll update this after Saturday.

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By theFOOTBALLlover - 17 Feb 2016 11:52 AM

Decentric wrote:
theFOOTBALLlover wrote:

That sounds like a great course. I'm always looking to learn. I read a lot of football books. Would you recommend any courses or books? You seem to be well informed on coach education.

Definitely some good ones , if you haven't read them.

*Inverting The Pyramid - Jonathon Wilson

This book is great for learning about the evolution of tactical systems. One other 442 poster, Localstar who has astonishing historical knowledge of football , knew most of it and found it tedious. Most find it illuminating.

*Soccernomics - Simon Kuper

Very interesting about football scenarios in various countries. Kuper is half Dutch, half English. With all the data and info he provides about English football it is no surprise they chronically underachieve. Interesting insights in to how French clubs operate compared to English clubs.

*The Football Men - Simon Kuper

Some interesting anecdotes about players and coaches. Amongst other interesting football phenomena I learnt how frustrated Guus was coaching English national players at Chelsea.

*Football Against The Enemy - Simon Kuper

Historical rivalries in football.

*Why England Lose - Simon Kuper

*Soccer Systems & Strategies - Jens Bangsbo & Birger Peitersen

Good for formations and the variations of the 4-4-2 midfield configurations.

* Brilliant Orange - David Winner

Good understanding of the Dutch culture in football. It is very educated compared to England.

* Cloughie - Brian Clough

Interesting autobiographical insight into one of the greatest coaches of all time anywhere in the world and his partnership with Peter Taylor from his own perspective. Yet the Football Association wouldn't give him the job as English coach - more of this in Soccernomics.

*20 years With Brian Clough - Duncan Hamilton

Hamilton was a journo working with Clough. Great insights into an incredible coach. Hamilton also sees humour that really appeals to everyone except Clough himself and the suppressed players under his tutelage , in almost everything Clough does.

Clough/Taylor were so good, they are probably the only two who don't need to do coaching courses, apart from them picking up tactical/technical trends. They were so good, Notts Forest won two successive EUFA Champ League titles with a tiny budget compared to most of their opponents. The only English coaching combo, or any nationality of that matter, to achieve this.

Taylor's ability to spot talent, in players nobody else could see anything in, often from lower divisions, then recruit them to Forest or Derby County under Clough's tutelage and turn them into championship winners was astonishing. Taylor was often an anonymous face in the crowd and would leave a game at half time, already having appraised a player.

Shame Robbie Slater and Craig Johnston, both who were under signing consideration, particularly the latter, didn't play under Clough/Taylor.

Clough's Achilles heel was the bottle. Alcoholism eventually destroyed his judgement.

Also one of the funniest books I've read.

I've only read Inverting the Pyramind but I found it boring. I've got Brilliant Orange and Soccernomics waiting. Just need to finish The Numbers Game.

Thanks for the rest.