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The Australian National Football Team General Discussion*OFFICIAL*

By johnszasz - 16 Mar 2017 11:18 PM

This is the replacement thread. There's too much good discussion to be had, especially now.

 If the old one gets fixed this one can just fade away. I've pasted what TheSelectFew wrote 2 years ago.

In this thread will be:
°General Socceroos/Matildas banter
°Pub information, live sites etc
°Upcoming match information and rumours
°Injuries and other important topics
°Young Socceroos/Olyroos/Joeys talk
°Young Matildas/Mini Matildas
Any suggestions please PM me or onse of the mods. information can and will be added to the op. 
By johnszasz - 5 Jul 2020 4:38 AM

Interesting channel I came across.