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New $170m soccer stadium proposed in Dandenong by Team 11 franchise

By walnuts - 30 Apr 2018 10:23 AM

New $170m soccer stadium proposed in Dandenong by Team 11 franchise

EXCLUSIVE: A $170 MILLION soccer stadium built in the heart of Dandenong is at the centre of plans to transform Melbourne’s southeast.

The 15,000-seat ground would be home to the A-League’s 11th franchise and a W-League team, and would host concerts, festivals, and NRL and rugby union games.

Businessman and Dandenong local Gerry Ryan said the concept would revitalise the region through the creation of jobs and investment.

“This is a game-changer for the city of Dandenong and for the southeast of Victoria,” Mr Ryan told the Herald Sun. “We want to provide our children — and all members of our culturally diverse community — a cause they can unite behind, be inspired by and feel connected to.

“A football team playing out of a venue such as this would do just that.” The site of the stadium — just 100m from the Dandenong train station — will be gifted by the Greater Dandenong Council.

The council and a “Team 11” steering committee is working with Development Victoria on concepts but state government funds are yet to be committed.

A significant revitalisation project in Melbourne’s southeast could be a critical vote-winner in November’s state election, with nine marginal seats in the region — seven held by Labor and two by the Coalition.

The southeast bid team is competing against the South Melbourne Football Club, a third group from Melbourne’s western suburbs and eight interstate consortiums for two new A-League licences.

A decision will be made by Football Federation Australia in October.

Construction of “Dandenong Stadium” — designed by Cox Architecture, creator of Melbourne’s AAMI Park — is predicated on Team 11 being admitted into the A-League. Its initial capacity is slated at 12,000-15,000 with the ability to expand to 20,000. The City of Casey and Cardinia Shire Council have also backed the plan.

Socceroos legend and Team 11 ambassador Vince Grella said the stadium would boast an intimacy to rival all others.

“Football fans in Australia have been crying out for boutique venues in which to house our clubs — Dandenong Stadium is perfect,” Grella said. “There are more people playing football than any other sport.

“Not only will Team 11 be able to enjoy this facility, but the potential for Socceroos, Matildas and youth internationals to be played here is very real, as well as local club games and regional gala events and tournaments.”

The state government committed $260 million to revitalising Dandenong’s city centre 12 years ago.

The proposal is being pitched as stage two of a plan to re-establish Dandenong as the capital of the state’s southeast.

By bohemia - 13 May 2018 7:51 PM

Benjamin - 13 May 2018 7:08 PM
Note that this $24m appears to be community funding for facilities for local clubs.  Team11 might be able to take advantage of it - but it wouldn't be theirs, they would always be sharing.

The fanfare about this funding also brings into sharp focus the lack of funding for the stadium.  I assume they would have to play at Etihad for the first year or two as three teams can't share the same home venue and there's no way they will have their own venue ready in time...  So good luck to a new team starting up, playing their home games in an oversized venue 35km from the people they represent.

West Melbourne side self-financing their stadium sounds like a better bet if we want something completely new...  Assuming they can build their venue in a year.

It can't be done in a year. As a private venture not linked with a council they'd be going through the process like anyone else proposing a private development. I'd estimate planning and approvals to be at least 2 years. Add on negotiations for acquiring the land which could easily be a year. If it's proposed for a green field then the stadium negotiations will be nothing compared to the haggling over surrounding infrastructure. This West Melbourne "bid" if it exists would be a lot of work for a lot of people for up to 10 years.