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By The Web Guy - 24 Apr 2007 12:02 AM

Admin Ranks
Libero - Moderators, free to go and do whatever they wish

User Ranks (will be added to once new rank is reached for the first time)
Under 7s - 0 posts, dreaming of bigger and brighter things
Weekender - 25 posts, plays a bit of football on the weekends just for fun
Fan - 50 posts, supports their team when they win
Superfan - 100 posts, goes to every game in team colours
Hardcore Fan - 175 posts, your friends and family are worried about your health and sanity as all you live and breathe for is football
Hacker - 300 posts, your passion for football has given you the idea to start a professional career... too bad you can't play very well
Amateur - 500 posts, you can now pass a ball successfully to your team... most of the time
Rising Star - 750 posts, you're making a name for yourself and starting to turn heads
Semi-Pro - 1000 posts, a regular on the starting lineup and a valuable member of the team
Pro - 2000 posts, you're the number 1 player on your team, and they simply do not perform without you
World Class - 5000 posts, recognised as one of the best players in the world
Legend - 10,000 posts, one of the true greats to have ever graced the game

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By The Web Guy - 29 Apr 2009 9:03 AM

Yeh so? Who said the next rank is at 20,000?