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By BloodyNora - 30 Jun 2018 4:35 AM

30th June 2018. Canterbury vs Newcastle at 5:30pm...

Bulldogs Debate Page - timeless...

By Micko - 27 Nov 2020 4:54 PM

The more I think about the forwards next year the more I think Elliot and Jackson both need to be edge forwards. Our attack should be taken care of by the halves if Burton comes early and our backline finally has some strike if we snare the Fox. Both Elliot and Jacko run good lines, have good skills and are two of our best defenders. They could shore up the edges while feeding the backs good ball. 

This also allows RFM to push up the middle. He offers stronger hit ups and a good offload to our middle. With Hetho, Thomo, and hopefully a fitter Napa, Ogden and Atoni we have a more balanced pack. 

Ideal  line up for me would be 

1. Avo
2. Fox
3. Hoppa
4. Cotric
6. Burton
7. Flange
8. Napa
9. Wakeham/JMK
10. Hetho
11. Jackson
12. Elliot
13. Thomo

14. Wakeham/JMK
15. RFM
16. Ogden
17. Atoni

I still want more speed off that bench???