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Australian Football TV Ratings Season 2018-19

By StiflersMom - 13 Oct 2018 8:46 AM
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Burztur - 12 Sep 2019 8:43 AM
paladisious - 12 Sep 2019 7:24 AM

Definitely things to learn from the NBL. The top tier for both sports are not in Australia. Yes, the NBL has problems but they must be doing a few things right and you can also learn from their mistakes.

Football and basketball are two of the biggest beneficiaries of the shift of youth away from high contact sports such as Australian Rules and Rugby (both League and Union). They also both have a glittering overseas competition that provides a pathway for our best and brightest. There is also a strong international aspect to the game (although football is stronger at the moment, with basketball struggling to attract the truly elite players away from the NBA - but I feel that will change over time). Finally, and this one is probably a bit left field, but both also have very successful video game franchises (FIFA/PES and NBA 2K) which help to expose the younger generations to the elite levels of the game via their consoles - something which Aussie Rules and Rugby can't compete with.