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Exodus of 442/Inside Sport members to other forums

By Decentric - 7 May 2019 11:28 PM

A few of us who post in  one section of the forum outside football, have moved to another forum - en masse. I've posted here  for 13  years.

Many of these guys have had no contact with 442 football, and think of the forum as Inside Sport, not 442. They weren't happy with the behaviour of one person in a section. He didn't worry me, except he was ridiculously rude to some  good and civil posters, who I've since met off forum.

With no mod interested in the particular sport ( Joffa said he was going to join us , but hasn't been seen since),  posters who have come from elsewhere have found our forum very lax in terms of moderation, but have really enjoyed the freedom.

Now I've moved with them after they invited me to join them in another forum to discuss the same sport, and another forum as well to discuss it, I really like the way in this forum, that people can start threads without really strict  guidelines.

In two new forums, mods are always pedantically  stopping threads and suggesting the topic should be discussed in another main thread. Not so on 442/Inside Sport. Not being so prescriptive is a good quality.

In the new forums mods also chastise people if they post three comments in a row - even if they've cut and pasted others' comments and responded specifically to them. Again this is  good  that 442 mods don't do this.

On the other hand, I think that trolling  on 442 has reached new lows  - particularly when I compare to to the tow new forums I participate in.

In one 442 thread  one long term poster complained to mods that two posters were simply trolling and mocking the thread topic and Australian football in general. I agree with him. Two mods responded  it was best to ignore the trolls. I disagree.

There are so many cynics who post on here at this point in time, who mock Australian football, in these other new forums I now participate in, similar posts would've been deleted by mods. This used to happen on 442 in the past.

The mods in these new forums do a lot more active deletion of  trolling posts, personal attacks or posts that are off topic.

It seems to me, that the only 442 mods who are still active are  Stifler's Mom, Paladisious and Bowden.

 Benjamin, PV4, Joffa and McJules have virtually disappeared from 442 and seem virtually inactive these days - even though all have probably done a good job when they were active. If they have left and lost interest in 442/Inside Sport, shouldn't they be replaced?

Also Kevin Airs used to do a bit of moderating. Where is he?

It seems to me, Admin need to appoint about 4 -5 new mods, who are actually keen to clean out the cynical trolls who have an agenda to mock and destroy Australian football - and - soon this forum. I've seen another forum destroyed when a critical mass of cynics have been able to post gratuitously. 

How about appointing  some keen new mods, who are still active on 442, as the others seem to be virtually inactive or disinterested in doing what mods used to do in erasing inappropriate comments and moderating the forum.

Appoint the likes of Bundoorah Brah, Gyfox, Grazorblade, Quickflick (is he still active?) or even newer poster Melb City Guy, who posts positive and constructive thread topics - if these guys are interested in the mod job. They can assist,  or even take over from the older mods, who seem jaded.

I'm trying  to persuade  others to come back eventually  as this is easily the best forum set up for this particular  sport. They won't come back until the obnoxious poster disappears  or/and a mod becomes  active in the section. I also don't want to see a scenario where a mod has to visit a section he isn't interested in though.

We need  some more, active new mods to preserve the forum and to stop exoduses.

By AJF - 31 Oct 2019 6:34 PM

Melbcityguy - 29 Oct 2019 8:40 AM
if the majority wanted me banned i would probably accept it or change my ways 

So if the majority wanted you to end every post with said slapping of faces, you would comply? if so I will get a poll up straight away