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Whats your sides most likely starting XI for 19/20

By RedKat - 19 Jul 2019 5:14 PM

Staritng this because we're done with a first XI. Some teams closer than others. 

Sydney FC

Grant Wilkinson McGowan Zullo
O'Neill Brattan
Baumjohann      Ninkovic
Barbarouses ALF

If I had to guess some others that have got most of the recruiting done

Western United

Calver Durante Gulum
Risdon Chapman Kone Vujica
McDonald Diamanti

Melbourne City
Galloway Windblicher Delbridge Jamieson
Brillante Griffiths
Cabrera Luna Noone

Whats your club looking like?

By ctrl - 1 Oct 2019 5:49 PM

ctrl - 19 Sep 2019 2:27 PM



Millar - Boogs - Topor - Burns

Kanta - Uga

Fitzgerald - Hoolahan - Petratos


Bench: Koutroumbis, Hoffman, Jackson, Thurgate, Sheppard, Italiano, Ridenton etc.

Injury to Hoolahan obviously changes things. Can see Ridenton playing a lot given Kantarovski's injury-interrupted pre-season (pretty much to be expected, sadly), and Hoffman always gets his share of games. 

Both Hoolahan and now Sheppard out till the new year... There's a big gaping hole in Jets' starting 11. And that's with Fitzgerald already a starter.