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High quality of this cricket forum

By Decentric - 2 Aug 2019 9:30 AM

I've been posting on sports forums for 13 years.

Now we've re-established this forum after a nameless person tried to destroy it, this is the best sports forum I've been on by some margin.

Conversely, some posters in Inside Sport Cricket also post on the Inside Sport FTBL forum. It has declined so much in recent times that a plethora of erudite  posters have left in droves to be replaced by many young, infantile and immature trolls, and, some grumpy old men who are rampant cynics seeking conflict.

Whirlpool's Cricket section is okay, but quite impersonal. We've tried to recruit five of their good guys here, but with little success, although two have promised to have a look. 

Whirlpool's Mods stifle discussion by having minimal access to starting new threads ( they constantly close the new threads down claiming others already exist) and stifle discussion by limiting successive posts too. The Mods here create a scenario where discussion can be created much more easily.

To see this forum operating so well compared to the current manifestation of FTBL, is salutary.

I've  already met up with two other IS Cricket posters face to face, even though we live in different states/countries.  It looks like I should be able to get one IS Cricket participant  into Tas Crick Assoc Members to watch some free cricket for a few games. 

By Decentric - 22 Sep 2019 10:16 AM

flyslip - 22 Sep 2019 1:29 AM
Sorry if I've bought standards down recently :) . 

There can be a fine line between robust debate or even banter and the point where it descends into snarky nonsense.

I don't post much anywhere and have never posted on a predominantly Aussie cricket forum before, always found them too parochial. I was on an Indian based forum once, which lasted about a week until I mentioned that I thought Sehwag was over rated. Now I realise how it is to be in a minority with an unpopular opinion. Anyway, I will try to stick to the motto of viva la difference. I realise that diversity is a necessity for healthy debate no matter how strongly we might disagree. Otherwise it becomes a backslapping party.

The only forum I ever posted frequently on was a long defunct British based cricket forum a very long time ago. I remember one pom who the Aussie members generally found an acquired taste that they were in no hurry to acquire, I eventually found when he wasn't busy winding them up, was extremely knowledgeable about cricket and it's history. The only person I have ever conversed with who actually watched Bradman play.

Anyway and having said all that... Paddles, you are still wrong  :laugh: .

As a former  short term Moderator, as long as you stick to cricket discussion, even if emotional, according to the guidelines set down by the site owner, it is totally acceptable to have passionate debates on topic.

Abusive, racist, sexist, misogynistic and trolling comments are unacceptable though. Also, some discussions can tend to drift off topic.

You and Paddles are probably similar in the way you post.

You both bring  a lot of cricket content, knowledge and strident opinions to the forum, which is welcome.