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Horses of Courses

By Paddles - 9 Dec 2019 2:30 PM

This is a take from Dec's post about Warner.

This is his post 

I think it is perplexing that the most successful bowler in the World Cup did not play most Tests against England, because his bowling didn't adhere to coach devised game plans for success in England. 
I just wonder where the selectors will go with a player  like Warner  now he has had a long career, with an average of somewhere near 60 at home and I was told 25 away, today.

Now the truth for Warner is not quite as dire Dec makes out, but there's a lot of truth to it. 

home2011-2019406964187335*66.46542577.171712249232view innings
away2012-201939760252114533.17370967.96517731222view innings
neutral2014-201424023913359.7530478.61110232view innings

in Australia2011-2019406964187335*66.46542577.171712249232view innings
in Bangladesh2017-201724025112362.7539763.22200251view innings
in England2013-2019132506518526.0497167.04074914view innings
in India2013-201781603887124.2569655.74031473view innings
in New Zealand2016-2016230392213.006262.9000050view innings
in South Africa2014-2018612076014563.3394280.67340909view innings
in Sri Lanka2016-20163601636827.1618488.58011212view innings
in U.A.E.2014-201424023913359.7530478.61110232view innings
in West Indies2012-201551002696226.9045758.86021333view innings

In Warner's particular case, you do not need to worry for near 4 years about another Ashes in England - and he will be very last 36 by then. 

But I am myself a fan of horses for courses. India have been utilising this extremely well under Kohli, and while they get many selections wrong, they have gotten many correct too and are rightly number 1. NZ's best two spinners in Asia, Sommerville and Patel, are not in the NZ or Aus squads - allrounders Santner and Astle are for their batting. While I think Sommerville should be given a go, its because his batting is actually surprisingly good and not far below the other 2 - if at all. 

I totally believe in hourses for courses, and like Kohli, I would even go as far as to interrupt the opening combo, and the 5 and 6 batting spots, not just the bowling units. This is previously VERY uncommon to break up the top order batting. But there is no point carrying a walking wicket in conditions that he is not suited to play in, you're better off to simply play him in the good conditions he is good at playing. It is that simple for me.

Will your selectors do it? Not until someone else starts copying India successfully. Then once someone else copies it successfully, your media will start demanding CA give it a try. 

India's horses for courses are such that Bumrah has NEVER played a home test. Not one. The reason being, they don't need him to win at home, so why break him in a dustbowl when they could save him for SA, Eng, NZ, AUs and WI... This is now beyond horses for courses, and pure strategic selection... And its smart given they play so many games of cricket a  year...

Starc not playing the Ashes after the WC was not surprising at all. Starc's yorkers at the end of an ODI game mean nothing to test cricket until the tail is in. Ferg was also in the ICC WC team and has yet to play a test for NZ. Although many NZ fans would like to see him given a shot now.
By Paddles - 10 Dec 2019 5:09 PM

baggygreenmania - 10 Dec 2019 4:17 PM
Other than Bumrah how else has Kohli utilised horses for courses Paddls.

In the sub continent I am playing two finger and one wristie. I am taking disciplined bowlers only.. ones that nag away on their slow, low tracks. I am only batting those with some spin nouse..use their feet and the crease, can milk a spinner and are not want to recklessly throw it away when set.

You serious Baggy?

In the sub they sometimes play 3 spinners. In England, they have played 4 seamers and a spinner, and 3 seamers and a spinner. Pending pitch and the match before.

And its who they choose, between Kuldeep, Ashwin, or Jadeja. They have picked batsman solely on whether it is a spin pitch or a seam pitch. But Kuldeep and Mishra are ranked three behind their main finger spinners in ASia of Jadeja and Ashwin. So he disagrees with you there. But he played Kulpdeep - the wristie - in Aus.

If you really want to know further details to the extremity, ill give you a post tomorrow, I'm having a few drinks tonight - but I'll churn some research out for you tomorrow. I know Jadjea over Ashwin in Aus and WI is a perfect example.

Kohli is the most famous horses for courses ever..... He has churned through batting, seam bowling and spin bowling options. And he aint playing Pant as a test keeper in India either to the spinners :P