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By Decentric - 21 Dec 2019 11:36 AM

In the local tabloid, they are going nuts about Wack It 20/20 BBL.

The Melbourne Test is also receiving a lot of column space, but for some Shield players if they aren't involved in BBL they become grade cricketers again until the end of summer.  
By Decentric - 25 Dec 2019 3:52 PM

Paddles - 25 Dec 2019 11:20 AM

So - in summary from Nov 8 round three finishing, there is no FC until 22 February. By March, all the national focus is back to rugby. Which is when the majority of FC is played in NZ. But we go most November, all December and Jan, and most February, without a red ball bowled in anger in domestic.

This is appalling!

Even worse than Australia!

Thanks  for the comprehensive detail in your post too, Paddles.