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2021 Specialized Epic or Epic EVO for Adelaide Trails ?

By AndyE - 17 Aug 2020 8:34 PM

Hi MTBers,
I'm looking to get into ripping a few trials up in our Adelaide hills. I'm weighing up between two XC bikes, the new 2021 Specialized Epic (100mm travel with brain) or the all new 2021 Epic EVO (120mm front 110mm rear with manual lockout). I like the idea of the brain and not having to adjust the lockout but my main question is, is the 100mm travel on the epic enough for our Adelaide hills trails?  Are our trails too technical for a racing XC 100mm bike, I have no idea what "too technical" is.
I'm not looking into going down gnarly descents with huge jumps, but more like pushing my body on 50kms rides, up hills, hard along flat single tracks and semi fast down less technical tracks. I like getting a good workout.  I still want to hit Ohallo, Fox Creek and Eagle parks but not fly over them like a madman. Oh and I don't want to rule out trying a few XC races.
Which one should I get for our Adelaide Trails, 100mm Epic or 120/110mm EVO? oh and do i need a dropper post
Thanks in advance.
By Torens - 30 Apr 2021 2:11 AM

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