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Throwing bottles not a good look: Corica [Comments]

By Inside Sport Bot - 6 Apr 2021 12:27 PM

By Monoethnic Social Club - 9 Apr 2021 4:13 PM

Ds98 - 9 Apr 2021 12:43 PM
Feed_The_Brox - 9 Apr 2021 11:59 AM

Dedicating a goal to your newborn, and wife is considered inciting the crowd nowadays... crazy. 

But in all seriousness though, what is Kosta supposed to do? Just run back to the middle of the park? Run to the manager? This would’ve pissed MV supporters off more most likely as he is actually celebrating.

It’s weird, on the one hand I don’t actually mind the throwing of the bottles because as you say it shows that the fans care and that we have that type of passion in Aus, but on the other hand it’s completely out of order. And you don’t wanna see it at all.

I reckon if this happened in an NPL match, the same outcome will have happened. If no one was hurt, there’s nothing to address other than the poor behaviour of fans, which the clubs themselves have to attend to. 

The last thing I remember happening which involved Crowd incitement and Football Victoria’s input, was the game I think between Altona and Dandy Thunder two years ago, where the players or the crowd were throwing insults at one of the Altona players which led to a massive brawl in the crowd with a few players getting involved. That is what required a proper review. 

The bottle throwing seems like peanuts compared to that.

Nobody was hurt when the lone Knights fan ripped a flare in his own grandstand after the match was done with no one else around just a bunch of lads playing it up for social media and shits and giggles, yet the Knights copped a 3 point deduction ... Yes dumb shit does happen all the time in NPL but it tends to get punished pretty swiftly compared to  Asia's biggest club.... 
Yup, Lirim Elmazi's dad and brother where verbally and physically abused by a bunch of Sunshine North Players/fans (wasn't even their team playing) and both Altona and Dandy where fined if memory serves me correct.. I wouldn't call it a MASSIVE brawl but ugly look for the game I agree.