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By LFC. - 14 Sep 2021 3:13 PM

Just wondering what kind of diverse sports supporters we have here apart from Real Football obviously.

List of sports I watch on the box/and play or go see live......

Football - Association/NPL/ALFFACup < go to varying games weeknights or weekend.
Still playing in O45's winter comp, 6aside Summer comp.
EPL - watch every LFC game live, SerieA/Liga/SPL other leagues with interest and any Euro tournaments on tv or via apps.

Motor Racing - Touring Car Masters/Supercars (prefer earlier days) < go to races in Sydney and other States, used to take car on a track for fun and do club runs.
F1 < went to a few in Adelaide and Melb.
Motogp < been to SMS/Philip Island and watch on Fox. Superbikes.
Motorcross outdoor/indoor < been to many rounds Sydney/Melb/Bris and watch USA AMA/Speedway on Fox. Used to ride both variants of bikes but no more.
Golf - in general watch any Pro circuit tournaments/Aussie ones when on and try to play it but damn its challenging.

The above are my go to's and when nothing else on interested to watch other sports be it NRL/Cricket etcetc........

By cesspit - 10 Jan 2022 6:45 PM

johnsmith - 10 Jan 2022 6:09 PM
Now that the Federal Court has handed down its decision and created a legally-binding precedent, anyone else hoping the Joker wins the Aussie Open?

its not over yet.

The Home Affairs Minister makes the final call.  Rules are rules.

The majority of Australians are hoping the government does the right thing.