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Widely-accepted "Cancel Culture" now morphing into political totalitarianism

By johnsmith - 20 Jan 2022 6:05 PM

For a while now, "Cancel Culture" has become the norm in Australia. Essentially, Cancel Culture feels justified in silencing the opposition over anything it perceives as being harmful to the greater good. That is why people tolerate Cancel Culture in Australia. They feel it produces a good result, so they are genuinely happy to see people getting cancelled.

What if Cancel Culture gets political?

What if, for example, the Labor Party were to consider all policies held by opposing parties to be harmful to Australia? That would enable them to feel morally-correct in silencing all political dissent. And a population, permeated by Cancel Culture, with a majority of Labor and Greens voters would feel that is ok.

This morning's news is that Andrew Bogut -- famed Australian basketball player - had a stern visit from the Victoria Electoral Commission (under Dan Andrews) because of a Tweet that said "Vote them out".

In answer to the question: When did Australia get to the point where you get a visit from the authorities for criticising them? The answer is: When the majority of Australians bought into Cancel Culture, such that it has become the norm in TV, media, politics and the way the law operates in this country.

The Melbourne AGE didn't bother reporting this story. did report it in the morning, but by late afternoon it was gone from their main homepage. So if you didn't read it in the morning, you'd be a mushroom.

Cancel Culture is now the norm, because the highest court of Australia now operates on Cancel Culture when it justified deporting Novax because "the tennis star was opposed to vaccination against COVID-19."

When you read that, you can feel the groundswell of positive vibes support for what the court did, because we are now a nation that feels totally comfortable with cancelling anyone who holds an unpopular view.

It can therefore be predicted that, in any discussion under this thread - if it remains long on the forum - that there will be a lot of people who think cancelling Bogut is great, because it cancels an opinion that they themselves are against. So they will argue that cancelling Bogut a good thing.

It's just that we, as a nation, have turned the corner. We're no longer just cancelling people for unpopular ideas such as MRNA-vaccine-warnings. But now it's for a comment "Vote them out".

Cancel Culture is now officially political where the Victorian Electoral Commission gets involved in cancelling.
By Enzo Bearzot - 20 Apr 2022 10:47 PM

sydneyfc1987 - 20 Apr 2022 7:06 PM
Enzo Bearzot - 20 Apr 2022 5:24 PM

So it's not just maths then?  

Sounds like an attack on ideas and free expression to me. 

And before you go on about indoctrination let's not forget these are the same people who push for teaching creationism alongside evolution and argue that kids should be able to make up their minds which "theory" to believe.  

CRT should limited to the social and political studies otherwise it it should be banned as irrelevant.  Is physics also racist?  Chemistry? Accounting?  Biology?

If parents agree to sign their children up for classes in social and political theory where CRT is presented as a *theory*- and not as fact  as it currently is-  and alongside other social and political theories, and the children have the maturity to understand those things than that is up to the parents. 

But that is not what the CRT's want,  of course. 

They want CRT taught compulsorily as the framework that under-pins all of education.  Rejecting that wish is not an attack on ideas and free expression.  Its ensuring that education is not corrupted by ideologues spouting nonsense.