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Peter dinklage snow White and 7 dwarfs

By dirkvanadidas - 27 Jan 2022 2:20 AM

Rather than complaining about a remake, the bloke just needs to grow up.
By ErogenousZone - 28 Mar 2022 6:29 PM

    • Ari Gold : We all loved you in The Station Agent, Peter.

      Peter Dinklage : Fuckin' hope so. That's why I signed on with you people.

      Ari Gold : Well if you woulda signed on earlier, we coulda slipped you into Bad Santa.

      Peter Dinklage : Actually, I passed on that. Though, thank you.

      Ari Gold : You're on of the biggest actors in this town Peter.

      Peter Dinklage : What is that, a play on words or something, dickhead? I tolerate agents. I don't like them.

      Harvey Weingard : Peter! Don't listen to a word this bum says.

      Peter Dinklage : Fuck off, Harvey.

      Ari Gold : Whoa. He's an angry little fucker, isn't he?