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WCQ Playoff: UAE vs Socceroos | 7 June 2022

By johnszasz - 30 Mar 2022 2:42 AM

7 June in Doha.
By llugguss - 17 Jun 2022 7:52 AM

Another important difference between this playoff and the previous playoffs is the format. I learned on that the game is still played between the third-place teams in Asian Groups A and B, but it's not a home-and-away epic of the past but a one-off game. There is good news for soccer coach Graham Arnold, as Coomans does not consider the June heat a major factor at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium. I was there not too long ago. It will be 17-18 degrees on the field, which is very comfortable. The downside for Australia is that they would have fans at home cheering them on.