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Why is the media so against football?

By Davstar - 11 Jul 2010 11:06 PM

40K to a friendly match against an EPL side and to be honest I have seen no coverage for this match at all, not even highlights on FTA.

It might be because I live in Melbourne however I find it odd that the media opposes football so much. I wonder why?

If football had media support it would become the number one game in Australia I know that is a bold statement from me but I believe it to be true.

Football has survived in Australia for almost 60 years with little media support, much disappointment at national level ie. 1997.

I don’t understand why the mainstream media don’t give it a chance?


Why didn’t the FFA advertise the game? Is club football not as strong as we believe or is there high powers at play?

I’m Puzzled the fact that most of the FFA is made of ex-ruby administrative stuff scares me and perhaps Fozz is right when he says there needs to be far more football people involved.

Something has to change I think we are slowly getting the balance right but I still think we could be doing better don’t you?

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By Melbcityguy - 23 Jan 2019 10:47 AM

a lot of people in the media have no idea about the game i noticed the same with tennis so they just don't say anything or bag it