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An incredibly boring, repetitive thread about ethnic clubs

By scouse_roar - 11 Aug 2010 9:30 AM

Here you go, TheKAT, PAOKTZI etc.

Talk about your shitty ethnic clubs here and stay out of the section where we discuss real clubs.

Maybe you can even dream your unattainable dreams of being part of the A-League.

By NicCarBel - 14 Dec 2020 11:11 PM

sav - 11 Nov 2020 8:07 AM
I Think alot has changed since then. I guess the A-league was the step that was needed to be taken, as the NSL clubs where more based on their ethnic roots, and truly didn't appeal to a broader range of supporters. In saying that i am of ethnic background and my father was an ex professional footballer, and the reason my parents ended up in Australia (thank god) was due to the introduction of the Philips soccer league to which my Dad arrived as one of the new contracted players back in 77.After dad retired he stay involved in a particular NSL club and  i spent abit of my youth watching the happenings around the club at the time. I cant say i was passionate about this Particular club or any NSL club, but i do remember being excited about some of the player that would play for the clubs especially at national level. the positives i can draw towards these clubs is that they still provide a platform for kids to go up the ranks (my nephew is playing for a rival club at u15 level). i can see nowdays the coaching and the way the kids play is quite professional, i mean if you go watch a game now you will think to yourself, if we keep going like this in 5-10 years our socceroos are going to be EPIC. Now obviously there is still politics (different thread i know) and all the kids want to play for the wanderers or Syd fc (in that age group) but its a great positive that these clubs are also there competing, and offering these kids a pathway, to which it can benefit our national team and national game. i can also note from experience, that a state league club is very expensive to run. there are lots of fees and costs (i know the kids pay high regos) but that does line FNSW pockets and not the clubs, and the clubs are pretty much funded by the relevant ethnic communities donations or passionate individuals. this in turn keeps the club afloat for these kids to continue the pathway and hopefully get picked up by A league clubs and continue their footballing journey and thus produce more socceroos (i love the socceroos :) ).

i am also a big SydFc fan, but i truly dislike the Cove. i remember one game in  particular there was an AFC game on, and i foolishly decided to sit with the Cove. the chants were absolutely disguising with thinks like " with a nick nack paddy whack give a dog a bone asian b#%tards F%#k off home" (that was one of the softer ones). 
unfortunately racism does pop up from time to time. 

Sounds like one that was modified from games against Victory