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Bucks Party

By scubaroo - 19 Feb 2018 11:07 PM

Ive been roped into organising a bucks party for a mate, hes pretty much stated what he wants and doesn't want.
He wants a Backyard do in the arvo, no strippers, then to a few pubs.
 we have the booze and the food and some drunk lawn games sorted, we tend to be a fairly competitive bunch. 
Just looking for something that would replace the entertainment strippers would normally fill.

Anyone have any ideas or been to any partys that have been pretty chilled with something a bit different.

Its a pretty tight budget as weve recently had bucks parties that have cost up $250. (And not worth it at all) so alot of people are a bit over it. 

I know we sound old.
By Melbcityguy - 29 Jan 2022 12:06 PM

I’m at the age where my mates are getting married.

We’re doing a bucks party for a mate in March. Any tips on how to make it good?