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2021/22 UEFA Champions League

By Brenton1986 - 7 Jun 2021 8:39 PM

UEFA Champions League draw dates - 2021/22 season (The Road to St Petersburg),
Preliminary Round: Tuesday June 8th (11am UK, 8pm AEST)
First Qualifying Round: Tuesday June 15th (11am UK, 8pm AEST)
Second Qualifying Round: Wednesday June 16th (11am UK, 8pm AEST)
Third Qualifying Round: Monday July 19th (11am UK, 8pm AEST)
Playoff Round: Monday August 2nd (11am UK, 8pm AEST)
Group Stage: Thursday August 26th (5pm UK, - Friday August 27th 2am AEST - venue and location to be confirmed)
Round of 16: Monday December 13th (11am UK, 10pm AEDT)
Quarter Finals/Semi Finals/Final: Friday March 18th 2022 (11am UK, 10pm AEDT)
By Brenton1986 - 6 May 2022 7:41 PM